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Marine Institute of Technologies, Canada, I has a rich experience in the transportation Industry. I simply loves meeting new people and talking to new friends. I was born and raised in Canada, currently living in Brazil with my wife. I enjoys teaching online as much as meeting different people because he can always share his various experience with different individuals.

Young, bright, energetic with strong career-ambition; Having good and extensive social connections; Being active, creative and innonative is plus; With good analytical capability.

I enjoy teaching because I learn to better my craft with every student that I handle. Most students would think that learning English would be difficult, well, learning a foreign language does always have its challenges. However it is always best to grow slowly than to stand still. We are all students after all in this class that we call ??Life??. With time and practice, nothing is beyond your grasp. Welcome to ABCtianxia. I hope you don??t hesitate to learn English. And the best place for you to learn would be with us.